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Classy Closets has served Las Vegas and Boulder City Customers with Custom Entertainment Centers Since 2004

Are you Sick of the Bulky Entertainment Centers that take up a Ton of Space?

Classy Closets of Las Vegas custom builds entertainment units for homes in the Las Vegas Valley and Boulder City. All units are built to fit in a niche, or in areas of your choosing, and are designed to fit your needs. You call the shots on the designs, colors and hardware used on your system. TVs have gotten less bulky, so why should you keep your old entertainment center? We can help free up some space in your living room with a custom system! Call us today at (702) 389-3937 for a free, in-home estimate!

Call now to make an appointment for a free, in-home estimate!

We pride ourselves on our customer’s satisfaction. We strive to give you exactly what you request in a custom ET center for your home. The first step is to get a free estimate on how much one of our units will cost you. This process takes about 30-60 minutes once the appointment is made. All appointments are made during our normal business hours which are from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays and 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday. If you would like to schedule your estimate now, click here to request a callback (during normal business hours), or give our live representatives a call at (702) 389-3937 to get started.

Our estimator will come to your home and get measurements of the space you would like your new entertainment system built. We will go over every detail to get an accurate plan. We check where the electrical and cable outlets are in relation to where the unit will be. We come up with a rough layout of your system and go over any questions and concerns you may have. Our estimators will have samples of materials with them as well as a portfolio of past work to show you what we can do. You will pick all the hardware; any upgrades (lights, glass doors, etc.) for your new tv storage.

Once all this is completed, the estimator will return to the office to go over the plans and get pricing. They work directly with management on all parts of the project. Within 1-4 days of the estimate, you will receive a detailed version of the plans and the pricing. It can be delivered by mail, email, fax or the estimator will return to you to go over in detail. Any changes you want can be made at this time.

Why are Las Vegas Custom Entertainment Centers the Best?

Classy Closets of Las Vegas has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and has been in this business for over 26 years. That is a lot of experience with custom storage systems, including entertainment units. We are also the best because, unlike some competitors, we never try to upsell. You are getting our top notch products at a fair price, and since you call the shots on what you want, you determine your price from the beginning. Depending on if YOU want upgrades or higher end hardware is what determines how expensive your project will be. Our units will last as it is anchored into the studs in the wall as a built in, and we do not hang our product on a rail. We use only the best materials, because our customers deserve the best we have to offer.






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